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The design of SACHI is the result of a rational study, where the aesthetic sense derives exclusively from understanding the purpose of the product.
All SACHI collections incorporate a meticulous balance between design and functionality, blending pure geometric shapes with high simplicity of use.

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The design of SACHI responds to the company’s particular philosophy in where the product design and its functionality are recognizable in its elements: material, shape, color, composition and construction.
Thanks to the IN/OUT kitchen system, SACHI strengthens its objective: design for people who want to live in harmony with the objects in their homes, objects by essential design, suitable for every living space, indoor or outdoor.
Extremely versatile system.
Today we want to think about our home with no limits between IN and OUT, where the garden can be lived just like any other place in the house, a place where there is harmony between us and objects that surround us, where we live our daily life with joy.

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Design & Lifestyle - Design is the fundamental Pillar of SACHI strategy.

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